WoodMasters - a young, rapidly growing Ukrainian company engaged in construction of wooden houses using the technology manual felling. Our specialists have been trained at the International School of carpenters "Taiga", and confirmed carpenters diplomas European level.

about_us_1Wood is used as a building material for many thousands of years and is the most environmentally friendly of those that nature gave to human. Without using any tools and soulless mechanisms for wood processing, producing manual felling homes, the company WoodMasters retains the individuality of each log house, making a home with a soul.

We use the technology of the Canadian and Norwegian felling. Of all the existing technologies, these are the most labor-intensive, and therefore – one of the most prestigious and expensive. Qualitatively erected wooden structures are characterized with natural beauty, aesthetic appeal and do not require subsequent external and internal finishes.

Technologies of felling keep all the useful qualities of wood, making houses from log durable, reliable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Apart the houses we produce such small architectural forms, as gazebos, saunas and playgrounds, as well as garden furniture.

If you dream of a sauna or a whole sauna house, a cozy cottage or a respectable lodge, our experts will design and build a wooden house of any complexity on projects designed perfectly for you. In addition, the experience of the company allows us to offer you a number of ready-made solutions that can be modified according to your wishes.sertificat

We can always offer you a good prices and free expert advice.

Benefits of WoodMasters:

  • Quality control of the material used, as well as progress in manufacturing log house is made at each stage, so that the customer has always been informed of how things work.
  • All employees of the company WoodMasters are highly qualified professionals. Technologies that are used in construction (Norwegian and Canadian Felling) are species of manual felling, in which the wood is carefully treated and all valuable natural properties of wood are preserved.
  • WoodMasters tries to make the construction process as simple as possible for the client. The company provides the opportunity to purchase the finished project of wooden house as well as design it according to your wishes. Consultants will help you to decide what felling technologies to choose, and after the preparatory work we will begin construction of the "turnkey" house.The company also provides professional services at any stage of the construction of a wooden house.