Our production facilities are equipped with modern high-tech equipment that can process and produce different kinds of lumber. Our company has its own manufacturing base, where we are producing wood cutting band saw on the board, the board and the staff. Sawmill Services are offered in two variants: we carry out sawing of its own raw materials, or you can use a band saw machine, and your stuff.
Today sawmill services are very popular, as they are clearly and accurately sawn round timber into boards and beams. Given that the primary sawing of logs is a key point, because in the future depends on the quality of the final product, namely sawmill, provides a careful and accurate sawing wood.
We are working with the species of wood such as pine, spruce, oak and ash. Production of a modular drying, which is designed for edging and trimming of lumber from any tree species. Drying works in 3 modes: soft, normal and forced mode. This modular design greatly simplifies the delivery and installation of the material. Qualitatively seasoned wood, depends clearly and correctly defined modes and parameter settings. We only guarantee the high quality and reliable product. We use technology allows guaranteed to get the highest result of drying wood, regardless of breed and category.
Services sawmill are relevant and in demand today, as more and more people are interested in natural eco-friendly material. Wood is increasingly used, and is suitable for many construction and repair and finishing works. Natural wood is used for furniture, facades, various interior items, for the manufacture of souvenirs and promotional items. All these services are offered by our firm. We have all the necessary resources and databases that allow for a wide range of services.