Life goes on, and all will soon require renovation and restoration. Our company Woodmaster recently restores old wooden houses.

Consider, for example, life situation, when you got a legacy of the wooden house from your favorite grandfathers or grandmothers.
Look at it like that, as a home-and beautiful, and family values, and the memory of ancestors, no matter how how, and looks too old and dull.
It is in such moments, we are in the company & nbsp; Woodmaster ready to come to your aid and re-infuse life into this valuable wooden structure -
a house in the blockhouse. Moreover, to renew and restore the old wooden house - it is still not begin construction of a wooden house from scratch.
And so as you can imagine, that & nbsp; old wooden houses can be built with this wood, that she was a hundred years is not a period.

What is a restoration and renovation of old wooden house

First of all, determine the condition of the house foundation. If the old foundation has lost its strength, it begins with his recovery.
For this purpose, we use jacks. Thanks to them, log lift to a safe height, then re-pour the foundation and insulate.
Then, go to the restoration of the box itself of a wooden house. We handle a wall: remove the old finish to look at the state of the timber, replace the rotten produce crowns, thicken the seams between the logs. With the help of specially designed machines do a thorough polishing. Then frame handle certain formulations.
Upon completion of all these works do "painting" lacquering, frosting, and other toning. In general, all that will not affect the change of texture and pattern of wood

How do I update an old wooden house in a log cabin ?» We will help you resolve this issue