House for Stavlaft technologies represent a compound of logs in a frame structure and then filling the openings with wood paneling with a heater. This technology is very popular in Norway. The ground floor is usually made using a frame structure and the upper floor of a traditional wooden house.
Benefits Stavlaft homes - is:


  1. lower thermal conductivity, as used in the walls of mineral wool with a thickness of more than 100 mm.i;
  2. more options interior decor;
  3. a large variety of facades and columns;
  4. a different material (glass, drywall, wood) as this design does not shrink or swell with humidity change, and it is known more rapid settling into a new home can be used for interior and exterior

  Production technique basically the exact same as 300 years ago, but today we had the tools, such as chain saws, lifting gear, compasses for precision marking and more.
  We have a large selection of finishing materials and design solutions that enable us to build a house of any configuration and complexity.