The main feature of Norwegian felling is the use of carriage (двухкантный bar) instead of the usual logs with a circular cross section. Also distinguishes it from other technologies special kind of compound of logs, which is called "the Norwegian bowl" chopped gables home and слеговая roof structure. In this case, all the wooden elements log house are made with high precision.

Advantages of the technology:

One of the main advantages of Norwegian felling homes is reliability. Shrinkage of the house is less of a problem because, as all secure connections of logs on technology "Norwegian  lock". While shrinkage occurs self-jamming of log house under its own weight according to the "wedge to wedge" principle that does not aloud the carriage "rotate" or deform due to significant internal tension in it.

Another advantage is that it considerably reduces heat loss. Number of crowns of log house per unit height of the wall is smaller due to the large diameter of the wood, which is used in the manufacture of carriage (28-45 cm), which provides heat retention. In addition, in Norwegian felling is almost reduced wall thickness (it all has a thickness of 20 cm), unlike in the other technologies of felling, where there are large heat losses in thinner areas of the walls (in the joints of logs).

Moreover, Norwegian felling homes do not require additional finishing decorative materials, which significantly reduces the cost of the construction.

Aesthetically pleasant appearance of houses made by technology of Norwegian felling also should be noted. Such houses are beautiful, reliable and original.